Who Serve today?

Let’s check out these wonderful people who serve our guests at KBR this morning.
Pera was serving fresh fruit. We have rambutan, manggo, pineapple, banana, papaya, and watermelon. Pera has recently been back from her 3 months maternity leave. She has a beautiful baby girl names “Kiyora”, which means purity. Chika was busy doing inventory on drinks, and bring new inventory in for the day.

Otace cooked breakfast this morning. Beary was the duty manager watching and checking the food before they were out to our guests.

Naked Stenly was getting ready to put on his wetsuit. Met Benny, who was always excited guiding the dives.

Raymond was inspecting our engines and compressors this morning. Frits was checking the luggages for our guests checking out today. He will be driving them to the airport.

While our cat Madonna was busy doing her round this morning.

It’s a great morning, good start for the day. Hope you have a great day today. To you, living in the other side of the world, have a wonderful evening.

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