What the South Wind brings

This is the time of the year when the wind from the south starts to blow. Sunday night was the first night it came to its existence. With it brings the trash and a lot of things across from the island of Lembeh, including the sargassum plants carrying many beautiful babies’ sargassum frogfish with them to the shore. We found over 20 of them, many did not survive, we rescued as many as 11 of them. These babies washed up to the shore, many of them trapped in fisherman net and died. The boys did a great job watching and checking every sargassum plants washed to shore and rescued every tiny one they found. We have been watching the shore now that we might rescue more of them.

Sargasum-frog-fish Sargasum-frog-fish2

Now, what did you do in the weekend? Did you take time for yourself after one long busy week? Such putting your feet up and having a long foot massages would not be too much to spoil yourself ….

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