What a party!

Such a great week serving these wonderful divers. The same day we had the party was Samantha’s Birthday which we celebrated with a small cake with everyone sang the Birthday song.


After long busy week we sure deserve a party!!!! The girls were in their beautiful customs of piring dance. Piring means plate, it was a celebration dance after padi harvest in Minangkabau of West Sumatra. The swinging motion steps depicts sense of gratitude of the women of the harvest.


The war dance performed by a team of security, construction, housekeeping, and dive staff, led by our chief security, Mr Anwar.


We had a surprise visit from the Vice Mayor of Bitung town. He wanted to give a short speech to welcome our guests to town, and was humbly taking part on drawing a prize for the winner and presented the award.

BBQ-July-28-(112)BBQ-July-28-(114) BBQ-July-28-(66)BBQ-July-28-(100)

It was a really great time for us and our guests who become friends to come together and celebrate the week.

BBQ-July-28-(33)BBQ-July-28-(45) BBQ-July-28-(38)BBQ-July-28-(37) BBQ-July-29-(7)BBQ-July-28-(80)

And what better way to end it other than dance all the way to the end.

BBQ-July-29-(1)BBQ-July-29-(3) BBQ-July-28-(24)BBQ-July-28-(22)

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