What a great week!!!

Nina made it safe to KBR. Due to weather, her plane had to make a turn to Philipine, and came back to Manado when the weather clear out. One of the nicest lady who happened to meet our sweet couple John and Pat who after they talked they found out that they live just a few miles away from her home in England.


Weather has been really friendly with us. No raining. Everyone is happy with the dives. We do not always get to see everything on the list, but we are okay to get to see most in the list. It’s really nice to see Martin and Kate, they are just really nice to us here at KBR.


Beary and Ais are doing wonderful job to be sure we take good care of our divers.


The guides are just amazingly excited going on every dive. Everyone just working hard and you can still see them smiling at the end of the day.  We couldn’t have asked for a better team.

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