Christmas in this land of smiling people is one reason to celebrate families. North Sulawesi is the only province of Indonesia where majority of the people are Christians, and the Christmas celebration is merrier than anywhere in Indonesia.

Here in this beautiful resort where many of us call second home, our family of KBR all in good spirit. And when we call family, we mean family. This big family of KBR contains a lot of small relatives who work hand in hand from one department to another to be sure we give all our best to serve our guests. And here are the relatives serving at KBR:


Pera, with cousins and aunty who are excited to meet the little one on the way


These are cousins


Mother and daughter, and father and son, make a great team.


Father, son and brother


How nice it is for Beary to have a chef brother.

So, there we are, a bunch of family. More of us are family by hearts.

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