Underwater hosts …..

You will never complain about weather in Lembeh straith on April. Though we had quite big raining for a few hours the last few night, but bright sun comes in the morning. It is really nice to see all our divers are happy with our guides. The boys have been doing amazing job making sure everyone sees what in their wish list. Shiro, our 11 years repeater guests was very happy the other day that he finally saw zebra bat fish. The striking vertical zebra-banding pattern appear only in Juveniles.


I was told that Crinoid snapping shrimp (Synalpheus stimpsoni) is listed among endangered animals in Singapore.  Here in Lembeh they are easily found.


Cuttlefish & Pigmy-Squid are just too cute to miss. They can be very entertaining underwater.


Philodelsmium & Pikachu-Nudibranch just two beautiful combination in our dives last week.


Severn-Pigmy seahorse, one beauty you will never want to miss.


Till the next blog.

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