Transexual Barramundi Cod

Known as Asian Seabass, the name Barramundi in Australia aboriginal language means “river fish scale.” A little hard to photograph them because they don’t stay still, they mostly run away and find a place to hide from divers. We encountered with this beautiful fish when she was resting in a beer bottle she makes a home. She looked curiously peaking with her big eyes staring at the lights wondering what was at the door. She was in and out moving so gracefully like she was dancing.


The Barramundi Cod grows to 70 cm in length or rarely reach up to 1.8 m (5.9 ft) long. Early at monsoon, men migrate downstream to meet the female which lay very large amount of egg up to several millions. Begin the life as female then at one stage in life many of them changing to male which categorized them as Protogynous hermaphrodite. This fish is listed as endanger in the Australia water due to over fishing.


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