We have been retraining our guides to treat critters with more respect and a lot gentle.  It is not easy to break old habits as to start a new one, but they are trying really hard, and getting a lot better.

The fact is, most of the time the critters will pose nice for photographers if we approach them gently and slowly and calmly. If we do not get a good picture of them this time, we can always come back, maybe they are more approachable the next time. For there is always the next time.

We have a request for blue ring this week. It sometimes happens we found blue ring on the day the guests left. Madelaine and Geoffrey had one critter left to see, the legendary blue ring. We have looked and looked and looked every where and had no luck seeing any.  The day they left, Beary and I decided to join the second dive. And sure Beary, with his brilliant eyes, found this 7 cm tall blue ring at 12 metters dept in Aerbajo.

The spot blue rings appear when the octopus agitated or provoked. In this picture you will not see much of the rings appeared on his body, but it’s a good thing, it means he was not feeling threatened.

This poisonous beauty had his head out from his hole with the rest of his body inside . He was checking around for a second.


The next second he slowly pulled the rest of his body out, and there he stood straight like a warrior.


Then artistically took his dance steps, swimming from one spot to another, and just letting us admire his friendly pose.


What a dive!!!



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