The Shy Hippocampus Pontohi

Hippocampus Pontohi PUBLISHED Febr 2016 (2)Hippocampus Pontohi PUBLISHED Febr 2016 (1)



Welcome back!!!

We hope you forgive our long absence from the blog. We promise that from now on we will not fail to keep you posted of the life here at KBR with all the amazing critters stories in Lembeh Strait. So, here we are, bringing you the true love story of the life here in Lembeh strait.

Being the pioneer of the diving in Lembeh gives us many advantages. KBR  had the pleasure of naming most of the first sites in Lembeh. All the sites have stories which we will share in the blog. A second advantages, is being the first one here in the area is being able to use our skill to train all the young people of North Sulawesi for these numbers of years. Haruki Murakami a popular contemporary Japanese writer said “everybody has to start somewhere.” We are proud to be that “somewhere” for the last 23 years.

We do still have many of our older guides, but we have also trained more guides. This allowed our guests to have more guides diving with them during their stay here in Lembeh. These new guides have amazed our guests of how sharp their eyes are.  They have gained very good skill in finding critters, and making sure our guests see what they wished to see. Many of our photographers and journalist, and guests told us that the diving and guides are in the top class. and our guides are, by far, the most competent and attentive dive staff they have ever experienced. We are very proud of each one of them.

Last week, we were heading to Pante Parigi. Pante is the local language for pantai in Indonesia or beach in English. Parigi, is the local language for Sumur in Indonesia or water well in English. Notice we speak 3 different languages now. Pante Parigi is one site with a white sand muck slope going deep combining with the dense coral cover in the shallow where we dove during our safety stop. While we were hunting for the Lembeh Sea Dragon, we found 5 of the free living species of Pygmy seahorse (Hippocampus Ponotohi)in one unusual site at 5 meters. This kind of pygmy seahorse was last seen in Tanjung Kubur before they disappeared. The 1 cm, weedy pygmy seahorses were found in two different spots, a few meters apart. They are very photo friendly, but are a shy, rare critter you will not find in many places. Their size is so tiny, it takes a sharp eye to find them. It was a great dive, finding 5 of them so close to each other.

We have more stories to tell … don’t go away …. till then … we will meet you in the next blog

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