As I am writing at this very moment, about 320 km from us in the island of Ternate is where you can see the total eclipse of the sun.  The shadow of the moon reaches the earth’s surface in the Indian Ocean then moves across Indonesia and out into the Pacific Ocean with a maximum eclipse duration for about four minutes. Hundreds and hundreds of people right now photographs the eclipse from the island.

What do we do here at KBR? As always Beary got the idea. He took very old dark floppy disks and share part of the eclipse with the rest of us. Katsuko and Audrey are joining us.


“And how about the night dive in house reef last night?” we asked Katsuko and Audrey. Their eyes wide open and excitingly show us the images of blue rings they found in 8 meter in our very own house reef. (Images of blue rings credit to Audrey and Katsuko)


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