They are rarely in the wish list of our divers. Many guides called them Pegasus fish. To me, they are likely shape a tiny dragon of the sea. I don’t see many of them here in Lembeh strait, so cross path with them underwater is unique. With their beautiful body-patterns look, perfect wings in both sides, big gleaming eyes watching us, and the long toothless jaw can form a tube-like mouth ready to suck tiny invertebrates from their burrows, list them in one of many beautiful critters here in Lembeh. They have modified pelvic fins to allow them to walk the sea bottom. Sadly their beauty lured people to sell them for aquarium.


It’s a little difficult photographing them when they are not in pair or in a group. They are calmer when they are together, you will have more chance to photograph them better. We happened to find this handsome when he was swimming alone in Sarena Patah. He was running around and only luck we got picture of him when he passed by in the front of our camera.


What are you celebrating this week? Here at KBR, it’s Sergey’s Bday, he got the surprise Bday underwater and above water.

Birthday Makarov 2

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