The Day of Boat Festival

As promised we are posting today the pictures of the Boat Festivals. The boys worked hand in hand with the construction staff and our tailors to make it possible. We have some great talents over there at the dive center. They did a great job, and we are very proud of what they have accomplished.


Tio carved the blue ring. Constant and Geiby dyed an old used sheet yellow, and the the boys painted the blue rings.

boat-festival-oct-6-7boat-festival-oct-6-26 boat-festival-oct-6-8boat-festival-oct-6-20

Stenly carved a very cute little frog fish, with Beny carved the seahorse before moved to paint pipe fish.


Jun and Ade had the sea urchins decorated with little fish. They got very creative.


Everyone has a great time decorating, and was very happy to see the result. It’s great to see the fruit of a great team work. It was a great show. More pictures were posted in facebook.

boat-festival-oct-6-14boat-festival-oct-6-28 boat-festival-oct-6-38boat-festival-oct-6-37 boat-festival-oct-6-36

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