The characters underwater

I think the most amazing about diving is the characters of every living critter underwater are no different than ones above water. Every one critter is very special, even the one who won’t be in everyone’s wish list. They are so unpredictable sometimes.

Ms Nudi here took her afternoon walk when little crab met her on the top to say hi.


Mr Crab here must have thought the palm leaf must have worth something, that he wanted to do the hard work carrying one along the journey.


And here is when the blue eyes curiously watching us as we passed her by.

July-2-Critters11 July-2-Critters12

Or the old folk here just out of curiosity peeking from his dark hole while Mrs Shrimp up on the ceiling teasing him.

July-2-Critters17July-2-Critters18   July-2-Critters15July-2-Critters16

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