Once the long dry season ended last year, the rainy season slowly returned to the coconut island of North Sulawesi. What a relief it was!!!!

We were warned about the impact of El Nino here in Indonesia. We could expect a  long dry season. We anticipated a lack of water resource for our resort. But, hey, we have been blessed. We have been supplied well from the water spring in the mountain of Aer prang.  Anyway, …. the rainy season the end of last year brought our land a large supply of fresh fruits. Guests have been very happy with the extra fresh fruit we served daily from rambutan, Mangoestan to manggo. Rambutan called the most Exotic fruits is the hairy fruit from the Sapindacea family. It is rich in iron which is essential for the human body to function to transport oxygen from the lungs to the different tissues. The best news about eating rambutan, it is highly effective in lessening the body fat because the fruit is high in fiber content (2 g per 100 g of fruit) and, at the same time , low in calories. What a good news for those of us trying so hard to lose weight. Another seasonal fruit we have is Mangustan . It has a sweet, tangy, citrusy peach flavor and texture. It has great nutritional value.  You must know by now, we like to feed our guests healthy food. The better news is, all the fruit is organic.

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