Special Day to Celebrate

At KBR we have celebrated so many special occasions. The greatest thing is to see the expression of the happy faces surprised with small thing we made, even it just a small cake with the staff singing. We have gotten to know Alan and Lorraine who have been a family of KBR for so many years. This couple is very special, we witness their love all these years, how they treat each other so well and so respectful, made you believe the kind of love that is truly last. We got the honor this week to be a part of the day they celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. Beary, Jeff & Enal made a special board underwater to surprise them and wish them a happy wedding anniversary.


Ais arranged a special cake for them to celebrate after dinner with the girls singing special song. You know what was said, love would have a better reputation if there were more couples like them and KBR becomes a special place having them as part of our family. Happy Silver anniversary Alan and Lorraine!!!! It’s really nice to be part of your special day.


Now, what is special about diving this week? Well, more people requesting to see hairy frog fish.


Stenly shoot the image of theBumblebee Shrimp. They are commonly called the Stripped Harlequin Shrimp and grow less than an inch. Sadly they are caught for aquarium collection. Here they make Lembeh Straith the land of the free.


And this Leaf ScorpionFish resembles a dead leaf lying on the ground. One of the smart fish that got away from predator by camouflage this way or doing this trick to catch their prey by mimicking dead leaf. We like to repost the brown one we posted a few days back.


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