Simple yet complicated ….

Simple and easily found underwater of Lembeh straith sometimes can be a little complicated. Recently, Raynaldi, our guide shared an image of yawning frogfish taken by our recent guest. A former guest happened to make the accusation that our guide intentionally poked the poor frogfish to get him to yawn which was not true. There are just too many images of yawning frog fish from all photographers around the world. It made me wonder if he said the same thing to all those images, too.

Being the first dive resort in Lembeh Straith, “No touch policy” has been in place from the beginning of our operation . We have hired dive managers in the past who were responsible to train and made sure our guide understood well about approaching critters gently. In the past some of the guides might not so careful, good news is they know better now.

Move on. Here is simple images we enjoy this week …. with a note that no harassment being done to these amazing critters.

Blue-Dragon-Nudibranch, they are every where here in Lembeh.

Blue-Dragon-Nudibranch Blue-Dragon-Nudibranch (2)

Bargibanty-Pygmy seahorse, I won’t say they are every where, but they are around to amaze us all of their specialty to camouflage. They are not easy to spot, especially being only 14-15 millimeters or smaller well camuflaged around the sea fan they inhabit.


A decorator crab.   Some of decorator crabs can be overly decorated themselves that they look funny and can go around you unnoticed.  But this one seemed to choose to be simple and easily noticed.

Beautifull Decoratorcrab2

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