If you have already made the plan to come visit North Sulawesi in October, know that on the eastern side of this island is the little town of Bitung. It is the small town sheltered by Lembeh Island, where in between is Lembeh Straith, the home of the rare critters.

From October 6th to10th, our little town is having the Lembeh Straith Festival “Pesona”, where we have boat festivals, culinary show, traditional music and dancing, and a lot more culture shows for our visitors.

Kungkungan Bay Resort was invited by the government to participate. We will be participating in boat festivals, and culinary show.

Ais and Ade are working on the decoration for our boat.


We got two giant seahorses finished this week, and we are working on the sea urchins and blue ring.

sept-30-decoration-festival2 sept-30-decoration-festival3

We will post pictures next week of the boat decoration. Everyone is excited to join the boat festivals.



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