One easy dive in April …..

Everyone has been working very hard the last one week finishing the pathway project. New path is ready for new arrival on Saturday.

On to diving, a giant beautiful corral octopus sit comfortably on this giant coral reef rock in our house reef today which drive all our divers crazy to decide weather we jump into the house reef or get on the boat to Aerbajo.

Candy crab, in Latin called Hoplophrys Oatesii. The colorful crab lives on this bright pink soft coral camouflages itself like many other critters do.


Cardinal fish are everywhere here in Lembeh. But this special one is swimming carefully carrying eggs in the mouth.


Emperor Shrimp (Periclimenes imperator) & the Harlequin-Swimming-Crab peeking under the blanket of corral ….


Nearby is the xenia shrimp camouflaged unrecognized.


And here are two images taken by Jun, our guide. He is learning photography this week.





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