Never too busy to dive …

Never complained about weather here in Lembeh Straith. We get enough raining at night, and bright sunshine in the morning to cheer up our dives. Water temperature stay at 27. Dive in Tanjung Kubur this morning was amazing, hairy octopus finally show up. We will find the picture and share it in the next post.

Let’s go easy today. Let’s share about the hairy frogfish from Jahir to the giants frog fish we can find in our house reef and the painted frog fish from the other dive sites. Frogfishes are the master of Camouflage and lie-in-wait predators. Attack takes place when the prey is within grasp which takes no more than 6/1000 of a second. They expand their oral cavity engulfing the prey with a reflex that instantly sucks it in by creating suction pressure inside the mouth.Very easy to photograph because they can stay still and not move while you photograph them.

Posted March 12 (2) Posted March 12 Giant frog fishPosted March 12 Painted-Frogfish (1)Posted March 12 Painted-Frogfish (2) Posted March 12 Warty-Frogfish

Have you seen Flabelina doing gymnastics?

Posted March 12 Flabelina2   Posted March 12 Flabelina

Or the porcelain crab known for doing hide and seek all the time.

Posted March 12 Porcelain Crab (1) Posted March 12 Porcelain Crab (2)

We hope you can never be too busy to dive ….

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