Mi Na is cooking

Harvest time for our organic avocado this week from our very own yard at KBR. Karmin was very happy with the size and the taste.


For our divers, it’s time to be ready for the photo contest. Slide was up, everyone turn in all the images for the competition.

July-Food-&-Dinner-Final (7)

What was very special tonight is having our celebrity chef in the house, Mi Na is cooking Special Chinese Dinner for everyone. She even brought the whole spicy from home. She has her headset on to keep her focus from the hungry noise around wondering about dinner. When the fire was up, the smell of her cooking slowly spread the whole room so tempting to our empty stomach. Everyone just can’t wait for dinner. One by one stopped by trying to get her to let them taste just a little zip. …. Man …. she was a tough chef, she said “not until everything is ready”.

July-Food-&-Dinner-Final (2)July-Food-&-Dinner-Final (5) July-Food-&-Dinner-FinalJuly-Food-&-Dinner-Final (4)

In the other table the 4 judges calmly go through one picture to another.

July-Food-&-Dinner-Final (6)

And the winner was …. Mark.

July-Food-&-Dinner-Final (9)

What amazing was, he won first, second and third place. He is the Solo winner for all prizes. What a special night!!!!

July-Food-&-Dinner-Final (8)

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