Merdeka in Malay Language means independent or free. In Tagalog the term was Maharlika. It was from the word of Maharddhika from the Sanskrit means rich, prosperous and powerful. In Malay, this term used in the meaning of a freed slave. Dutch used the similar term Mardijker refer to free the slaves from India in the East Indies.

Over 71 years ago, the word “Merdeka” is one word of encouragement, one word of unity, one word of brotherhood, one word of hope for the new nation, one word of faith for a freedom and Liberty, being cried out with great feeling of patriotism by our great heroes of this country as greetings. It was the most sacred word during the fight when they gave their life to fight for the Independence of this country. It was the word used by our First President Mr Soekarno on his speech after we declared our independence:

“Since today we will cry out loud, “Merdeka!” Continue on that loud battle cry, as the soul calls out loud for freedom! A soul of freedom, one of fighting and working spirit! TO FIGHT AND TO WORK! Prove it!”

So, to our great heroes for their sacrifices in the past and ones who are still fighting for the better Indonesia today, here at KBR we say “Merdeka”. Merdeka to a hope for a better nation of “Unity in Diversity”.

Aug-17 August-17-(3)


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