Out of our busy week doing maintenance work and preparing our rooms for new arrivals, we took one day to do our preservation duties collecting trash from one of our dive site all the way to the beach. Teluk Kambahu or Kambahu Bay is one of the most famous site for muck diving and the one with more various octopus species we can find. The sad side is, it is one of the site piled with garbage. We have been working with the government to get their attention on this garbage issue and hope that they move quicker to solve the issue. Meanwhile, we took one day this week, pick up our trash bags and do our part.

Preservation-Apr-24-(42)Preservation-Apr-24-(24) _DSC0576_DSC0635 Preservation-Apr-24-(35)Preservation-Apr-24-(37)

But look, who got trapped inside the trash! We carefully carried him back to the water.


And how about our dives last week?

Pontohi-Pygmy-Seahorse was just too shy to look at the camera.


Differs from Mr & Mrs Nudi who prefer to perform ….


Along with Mr bluering who was a little agitated passing by us …

I heard you cried “blue ring? again? really?”

I say “yes”, it’s their season to show up here in Lembeh straith all the way to the month of August (if you are lucky) …

Blueringed-Octopus May 2 - Blueringed-Octopus2 (1)

But guess who are expecting ….. The Mantis with the most elaborate visual systems was watching closely holding her clutch of eggs in her clubbed claws. While the Cardinal fish with full mouth of eggs trying to keep them all together….

Manthis-Shrimp-with-eggMay 2 - Cardinalfish-with-egg

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