First little step to save Bianca

Many of you who follow us on facebook have seen our latest post about Bianca. Bianca is a dive site in Lembeh Strait where our divers go to see the mating of Mandarin fish (credit images to Constantinos Petrinos). This site has more Mandarin fish than any other site in Lembeh Strait. Dive deeper into 22 Metter you can see more such ghost pipe fish, painted frog fish, even blue ring, and many more nudibranch.

Mandarin High Quality Drum Scan

The end of December 2016, the government planned to build a jetty on that site. So, Ais sent a letter to express our concern. The second step we took was to post this issue on facebook. With all of your support reading and share our post, the post catch the attention of the Vice Mayor of Bitung.

Today, we had the opportunity to meet Mr Maurits Mantiri, our Vice Mayor, who has officially and personally notified us that the government has moved the location of the jetty to the village nearby. He has as well ordered the chief of Tandurusa, Mr Patrick, to get everyone to go to the beach and clean the garbage on land. Kungkungan Bay Resort and guides have participated to collect garbage underwater and load to the garbage boat prepared by the Government of Bitung.


We have invited Mr Maurits Mantiri also to visit one of the dive sites we have lost, Pulau Abadi. Pulau Abadi was a great site to see hairy octopus, Lembeh Sea Dragon, and many other rare critters. We have lost the site after a shipping company turned the site to a ship yard. Of the ship traffic, the site was just too dangerous to dive into for our divers. We have many more dive sites, but losing one is sad. Ian and Sarah were so nice join our trip to show support, and had given the Vice Mayor their input.


This won’t be the last step for Kungkungan Bay Resort to speak up about preserving dive site in this beautiful and very special Lembeh Strait. But, today, we have seen “hope”, that there are people like Mr Maurits Mantiri who listen and care enough to take the necessary steps to protect and preserve.




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