“Let’s play Tong Ting Tang”

You who have been at Kungkungan Bay Resort and was there when we had our Culture show must have seen our boys performed the Kolintang Music. For you who have not been lucky to see our performance, Kolintang is Minahasa very own traditional music. Specially made from lighter wood which naturally forming parallel lines that creates sounds ranging from low to high pitch notes. The music was named from the sound Tong as low tone, Ting for high tone and Tang for middle tone. In the phrase from Minahasa Language “Maimo Kumolintang”, meaning “let’s play Tong Ting Tang” was the name came from. It was known that this music has the ability to produce a low tone as the lowest tone of grand piano.

Here at KBR, The Kolintang were played in Culture Show by our own staffs. Constant is our taylor playing the melody, Akri & Noldy from construction, Handry and Langi, from security department. Our guest sometimes take the joy to try playing this music.

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