Interfered sounds in WWII

Sometimes during world war II, it was told that the Snapping shrimp was once studied as the sounds interfered with the detection of hostile submarines.

The snapping sound came from a high-speed jet of water shoots out of the socket due to extremely rapid compression as the ‘finger’ plunges into the socket. Snapping shrimp has pincer with a moveable ‘finger’ held at right angles to a matching ‘socket’ on the opposite side. When the ‘finger’ is released, it plunges rapidly into the socket which result an explosive sound. It’s amazing how such a small critter did really interfered with its sound.

But I don’t think this particular one would make so much noise. This one special Crinoid snapping shrimp is expecting. With tummy full of eggs moving heavily making a way out.


In the other side, one did not hesitate taking a fast and steady walk to a destination.


And to some, stay still and quite are just what needed.


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