In Perfect Weather This Week

In 27C water, with truly warm guests, working this week is heaven. Meet Terence, Doris and Katsuko who have been really nice to serve, and great people to take diving to.


June our guide gave the briefing, we were heading to Makawide # 2, a site named after the nearby village, the home of the pigmy seahorses and many other critters.  Beny was responsible to get all cameras to the boat.


Diving has been amazing. Weather is really hot, humid, but just perfect for us divers. I know you have been enjoying all those images posting in facebook by Terence and Doris. We are grateful for their kindness to share all those critter images with us.

Katsuko has been here so many times that we feel her like a family. Either Jenly joked with her to piggyback her around or Jeff teasing her for only wanting to see nudibranch in every dive, it’s always nice to have her back here at KBR.


The feeling is nice to serve our guests like family.


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