12m deep and descending the slope that we must take a small gorgonian. There lives a pygmi animal! That is a tiny seahorse just a few years ago was not known to us.

My heart pounding, waiting for the meeting. We are a small group, only 3 divers with cameras to take us the memory of so dear creature of the sea. We finally arrived! Other group is already there. I hear a several times –ooooh!

Closely look more….I spend three seconds, like a target Reaches the proper definition, in my retina Appears the shape of the tiny seahorse. 3 more flashes are triggered in an instant. I prepared my camera to frame the seahorse while 3 or 4 more flashes illuminate the gorgonian. I see the tiny seahorse hide Among the branches of gorgonian: shy, scared of much attention as a “superstar”.

I split from the group a few meters. The flashes are like lightning illuminating gorgonian in a storm, the tiny seahorse. After a few minutes, the divers go in search of another goal. Then I walk slowly, breathing calmly. Upon arrival, a cloud of fine sand is in suspension. In the framework of the gorgonian dive guide shows us a point. Just part of the gorgonian differs: the same color, the same texture. The tiny seahorse still there, in the gorgonian by grabbing its tail.

I do not even try to make a picture. I stood there looking at him a few seconds. Is really tiny, perfect camouflaged in the gorgonian. Seems to be a ” pregnant” male. I still watch a few seconds…I’m finally slowly in silence I go…only my bubbles left behind. And I think, maybe tomorrow I take the picture, quietly and without pressure. Quietly, without raising the fine sand without disturbing you.

So, you Have to Know That there are seven pygmy seahorse species. In Lembeh Strait You have the opportunity to see lot of them.

To be a seahorse pymy you must to see:

–A single gill opening on the back of the head, instead of two on the sides.

–Males Their inside trunk, instead of in a pouch on the tail.

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