Home of Octopus

Heading to Aerprang 2, one of the best dive site where octopus species make their home in this large, spread-out gradual sand slope. Dave was very kind to let Enal taking the shoots from his camera.

First found was the Coconut Octopus taking resident in a coffee cup, exactly his colours.


Long arm octopus and the Mototi Octopus surprisingly friendly.

long-arm-octopus2long-arm-octopus mototi-octopus

But the Frecklet Frogfish was a star with his bright blue eyes staring wondering about us.


Eggshell shrimp hardly recognized. Golden Mantis Shrimp and the green shrimp watching us from a distance.

eggshel-shrimp little-green-shrimpgolden-manthis-shrimp

We were amazed of how this nudi got this beautiful spoted not far from the sea slug.


Not a bad dive after all.






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