Kitchen (5)

“One of the nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop
whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating”
Luciano Paveratti
Opera Star

KBR’s philosophy is, “If you have to do something several times a day, let’s make it something to Enjoy!” This is what has guided us in creating our International Restaurant that caters to the culinary needs of our guests, who travel from all corners of the world. This is why our Restaurant serves delicious foods that we like to call “World Cuisine”. We have dishes from Indonesia, Thailand, China, Japan, Italy, Brazil, Mexico and America to name a few. We like to say we have a Cuisine for every Taste.

As the 1st International Standard Restaurant to open in North Sulawesi way back in 1994, we had to do things differently than the newer resorts of today. There were no Grocery Stores to go shopping for prepared foods. There were no Butcher Shops to buy meat or seafood from and there were no Bakeries for bread. At KBR, we had learn to make everything ourselves, from scratch. These lessons learned long ago continue to set us apart from our competition today. We still bake all our Breads, Buns, Croissants and we hand make our Tortillas. All our sauces and salad dressing are still made from scratch. We process all our meats and fish in our kitchen. We cure and smoke our own Bacon. We smoke pork and fish and we roast our lunchmeats ourselves. We even hand carry Spices to the resort that are unavailable in Indonesia so our food is more Authentic and Flavorful. I guess you could say that “We still do it the old fashioned way at KBR”, and we are proud to say this!

New this season in the Main Dining Room will be our “Culinary Tour of Indonesia”. Each night, we will highlight the Cuisine of different regions in Indonesia. Our chef is picking the best dishes from different areas of the country which will then be presented to our guests on the “Nightly Specials Board”. We want you to be able to experience even more of the Exotic Flavors of Indonesia.

Kitchen - Piza (3)All our food is still cooked to order, “We don’t cook it until you order it”. This insures that your meal arrives at your table hot and fresh. At KBR, we do not use a production line Buffet to throw food at our guests, our restaurant has a Full Menu Service, where you can sit down and order a snack or a complete meal.

We also like to throw Poolside BBQ’s for your enjoyment. Not only will you get wonderful food and a Tropical drink in a Coconut Shell, our staff will entertain you with Music and Singing. Then there’s the dancing, guest participation is strongly encouraged by our staff. Watch out for Beary!

So please join us, our smiling staff await your Dining pleasure.

**Please Note** KBR’s Indoor Dining Room is a No Smoking area. Smoking is allowed on the Outdoor Walkway/Dining area Veranda.