Dark Critters ….

Beary arrived the National Park of Tangkoko at about 4pm after an hour drive from the resort. The Reserve located on the northeast tip of Sulawesi’s northern peninsula protects about over 125 mammals, 225 birds and a little over 100 reptile and amphibians species. Most of those species are endemic to the island. Walked through the dark forest among tall old trees to show our guests these land critters of North Sulawesi. Maleo Birds, wild pigs, Sulawesi dwarf kuskus and this beautiful smallest monkey in the world The Tarsius.


Black Macaque are rather calm, and friendly.


Tarsier Spectrum, long fingers with beautiful big brown eyes is one special story, most people know them as the little tiny monkey in the world. The total body length of this little creature is approx. 10 cm with a body weight of a little over 100 gram, The Tarsier is one of the most unique primates on the planet and they are also known to have the largest eyes of any mammal in relation to their body size (each eye is actually heavier than it’s brain) with long tail.  The Tarsier has an unusually long anklebone which enables it to jump distances more than 40 times its own body length. The bones are known as the Tarsals which is where the Tarsier gets its name. The Tarsius come down from the tree only in the evening.


What do we talk about diving? Let the pictures tell the story ….


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