All Alone …

Some are alone in the deep sea …. and not many can pull this off …. Well, with the week ending so good, a party under the moon would be a choice to celebrate ….


Bianca is a name of a liveaboard docks in the bay of a dive site which eventually become the name of the site. Divers dive there primarily to see Mandarin fish. We dive there to see a lot more. This afternoon we saw this dark beauty lazily laying on the coral with his left-over big…

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It was an easy week with super nice and easy to please divers. They deserved a party!!!! Let’s have it by the pool. Get the smoke started, and the music played. The entire staff sang “La Bamba Song” to our guests from Argentina. And what a great night to remember ….

Guides come to Rescue!!!

It’s Rescue Training time here at KBR. Everyone got very serious.  Rescue Training is one of our regular training classes every few months.    Got a little fun to pose for pictures ….