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Merdeka in Malay Language means independent or free. In Tagalog the term was Maharlika. It was from the word of Maharddhika from the Sanskrit means rich, prosperous and powerful. In Malay, this term used in the meaning of a freed slave. Dutch used the similar term Mardijker refer to free the slaves from India in…

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The Simple life at KBR

We have a little easier week to go through after all the fun we had. We did get Priscilla out to the pool after the party. Back to the busy life in the kitchen. Flora was in charge on cleaning our fresh fish. While Holy smoked our bacon this week. Once a week we like…

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What a party!

Such a great week serving these wonderful divers. The same day we had the party was Samantha’s Birthday which we celebrated with a small cake with everyone sang the Birthday song. After long busy week we sure deserve a party!!!! The girls were in their beautiful customs of piring dance. Piring means plate, it was…

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Mi Na is cooking

Harvest time for our organic avocado this week from our very own yard at KBR. Karmin was very happy with the size and the taste. For our divers, it’s time to be ready for the photo contest. Slide was up, everyone turn in all the images for the competition. What was very special tonight is…

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Special Day to Celebrate

At KBR we have celebrated so many special occasions. The greatest thing is to see the expression of the happy faces surprised with small thing we made, even it just a small cake with the staff singing. We have gotten to know Alan and Lorraine who have been a family of KBR for so many…

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All the smiling faces

So the boys have spent the week helping the construction repainting our rooms before the next group arrived. They have been so helpful and have done a great job. A little busy this week serving this super friendly divers from main land China. Priscilla and Joyce are friends to us here at KBR bring with…

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When staff got creative

Have you seen our staff being a little creative? One of the boy made good use of coconut leaf. On to diving, we have been blessed with great weather, and amazing dives. With some imagination, I will say this one special critter has a head of a clown. Check out his neck looking like the…

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Unexpected guest

Once in a while we have this unexpected guest at the dive center.This time, he was more making himself at home, sitting in the briefing bench. He was making all this moves to be sure we noticed him. While underwater, this bright Ambon scorpion fish migrating somewhere. Spread his wing arms wide to lift up…

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Team comes to rescue

The Rescue training is done every six months, it’s about time to do it again so we did. Everyone remembered what to do, and they all did a great job. And what’s up with the diving? Here are some beauty in action at Bianca ….