Team comes to rescue

The Rescue training is done every six months, it’s about time to do it again so we did. Everyone remembered what to do, and they all did a great job. And what’s up with the diving? Here are some beauty in action at Bianca ….

The characters underwater

I think the most amazing about diving is the characters of every living critter underwater are no different than ones above water. Every one critter is very special, even the one who won’t be in everyone’s wish list. They are so unpredictable sometimes. Ms Nudi here took her afternoon walk when little crab met her…

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We have been retraining our guides to treat critters with more respect and a lot gentle.  It is not easy to break old habits as to start a new one, but they are trying really hard, and getting a lot better. The fact is, most of the time the critters will pose nice for photographers…

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Twin Flame

It is not rare underwater to cross path with pair of critters. They stick together side by side, move from one spot to another. This one particular pair of cuttlefish swam from one spot to another and camouflage from one color to another  right before our eyes.

Grilled steak a la Russian

It’s nice to know that our guests feel at home here at KBR. Many feel it is a second home all along. Sergey got his hand dirty in the kitchen to grill steak a la Russian. They looked good, and they were all happy with the way they turn out. Just like underwater, simpler things…

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They are rarely in the wish list of our divers. Many guides called them Pegasus fish. To me, they are likely shape a tiny dragon of the sea. I don’t see many of them here in Lembeh strait, so cross path with them underwater is unique. With their beautiful body-patterns look, perfect wings in both…

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How far do we want to go?

In the last 6 months we have planted over 400 coral stands in our nursery right in our beautiful house reef. The house reef provides very healthy environment for the coral to grow. Just perfect amount of sun during the day enough to help the coral grow healthier. We saw dead corals regenerated and grew…

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What the South Wind brings

This is the time of the year when the wind from the south starts to blow. Sunday night was the first night it came to its existence. With it brings the trash and a lot of things across from the island of Lembeh, including the sargassum plants carrying many beautiful babies’ sargassum frogfish with them…

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Handsome hairy unedit

We found this handsome when he was very little. He is growing now and was chewing something when we passed him by. Once in a while allow us to post pictures of him unedit, just the way he is. And what’s cooking in our kitchen? It’s the night to smoke our homemade bacon.

In a small village of Pintu Kota (means City Gate) in Lembeh island, there is this green project of planting Mangrove by the local villagers. Mangrove itself is not only vital for healthy coastal ecosystems but also shelters of many juvenile fish. While our neighbor going green planting mangrove, underwater can also share green story….

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