Capt. Billy’s Bar

Billy-Matindas2Capt. Billy’s Bar was built in honor of our late friend and partner, Captain R.W. “Billy” Matindas. Capt. Billy (as he was known to all) was instrumental in bringing us and Tourism to North Sulawesi. Capt. Billy was a true licensed ship’s Captain but he decided to retire and pursue his dream, owning a Resort, a Restaurant and a Bar. The last 15 years of Billy’s life was spent as an entertaining Bar and Restaurant owner. His Tarsius Restaurant was always a popular place for Food and Fun. Although Capt. Billy is no longer with us, we like to think his light hearted spirit still infuses the atmosphere of his namesake establishment, in the resort he helped found. “Captain Billy’s Bar” A great place for Food, Fun and Entertainment.

Capt. Billy’s is a full service bar with an extensive drink list. We serve Ice Cold Local and Imported Beer. We also carry a wide array of Local and Imported Spirits and Mixers. You can choose from our standard Well Drinks or, one of the Tempting Treats from our menu of delicious Cocktails. During Happy Hour, you can enjoy some of our free Hors d’oeuvres while watching the Day turn into Night from the outdoor second floor Balcony overlooking Kungkungan Bay.

Capt. Billy’s is a place for entertainment while you stay in KBR. The bar has 2 large multipurpose Flat Screen TV’s. You can catch a movie, maybe some news or that must-see Sporting Event. We also use the TV’s for showing Kaj’s beautiful Underwater HD Videos and Barb’s Underwater Photography Slideshows. In addition, Capt. Billy’s has Darts and Board Games for added pleasure.

If you decide to turn your Evening into a Night at Capt. Billy’s, we can help you with that. There’s no need to leave because you are hungry, enjoy something from our “Fantastic Finger Foods” menu. Trade your dining downstairs for finger foods upstairs. Capt. Billy’s serves American Bar Classics such as Spicy or Bar-B-Q Chicken Wings, Bacon Cheeseburger Sliders, Chili Cheese French Fries and much more!

As your night progresses and you need just one more thing to fill up your “Fun Bucket” for the day, Capt. Billy’s is still the place to be! You will feel and see the music when we fire up our State of the Art Lighting & Sound Systems. Dance the night away amid the Laser and Flashing Lights on our dance floor all the while, staying cool in Capt. Billy’s fully Air Conditioned Comfort. We’ll help you make it a night you will remember.

Delicious Drinks, Great Food, Games-Videos-Slideshows and Dancing until the last guest goes to Bed!