People often call them bad swimmer. Part of their name is Kampos means sea monster. To me, they do not looking anything such as monster at all. They are one of the most beautiful critters in my opinion.

Sea-Horse Sea-Horse2 Posted March 12Thorny-Seahorse

They are so against nature in reproduction. It was told that they have very traditional courtship behavior. During the courtship, they will swim side by side holding tails or doing what it called predawn dance stepping to true courtship dance for around 7 to 8 hours continue on until the female inserts her eggs into the male’s brood pouch and deposit dozens to thousands of egg.


Tip toeing Hairy Octopus

One of my favorite sites with beautiful coral reef top in one site, and a little bit of steep rubble slope in the middle of the dives before you dive down deeper to a sandy slope. Tanjung Kubur can be surprising. Hairy octopus made our day today. Tip toed through the black sand, sometimes jump cheerfully. She was in very good mood. So amazing to watch ….

(Hairy Octopus images credit to Osman)

Hairy-Octopus Hairy-Octopus2Hairy-Octopus3Flambotant-Cuttlefish  Swiming-CrabBlue-Dragon-Nudibranch

Never too busy to dive …

Never complained about weather here in Lembeh Straith. We get enough raining at night, and bright sunshine in the morning to cheer up our dives. Water temperature stay at 27. Dive in Tanjung Kubur this morning was amazing, hairy octopus finally show up. We will find the picture and share it in the next post.

Let’s go easy today. Let’s share about the hairy frogfish from Jahir to the giants frog fish we can find in our house reef and the painted frog fish from the other dive sites. Frogfishes are the master of Camouflage and lie-in-wait predators. Attack takes place when the prey is within grasp which takes no more than 6/1000 of a second. They expand their oral cavity engulfing the prey with a reflex that instantly sucks it in by creating suction pressure inside the mouth.Very easy to photograph because they can stay still and not move while you photograph them.

Posted March 12 (2) Posted March 12 Giant frog fishPosted March 12 Painted-Frogfish (1)Posted March 12 Painted-Frogfish (2) Posted March 12 Warty-Frogfish

Have you seen Flabelina doing gymnastics?

Posted March 12 Flabelina2   Posted March 12 Flabelina

Or the porcelain crab known for doing hide and seek all the time.

Posted March 12 Porcelain Crab (1) Posted March 12 Porcelain Crab (2)

We hope you can never be too busy to dive ….

They are bamboo shark. Though they don’t bite, and only grow less than a meter, they are predator to small fish and invertebrates.

Bamboo-Shark Bamboo-Shark2

We hope not the harlequin swimming crab ….

Harlequin-Swimingcrab Harlequin-Swimingcrab2

What about our recent dives? Water temperature is 27, just perfect. Critters have been amazing. Food is great. Everyone has been extremely happy with our work. We still cook pizza every week, last week we got an order for 5 pizzas from one of our neightboor resort here.  I hope they like them as much as we do.  We hope you as well enjoy life …. wherever you are!!!!!

As I am writing at this very moment, about 320 km from us in the island of Ternate is where you can see the total eclipse of the sun.  The shadow of the moon reaches the earth’s surface in the Indian Ocean then moves across Indonesia and out into the Pacific Ocean with a maximum eclipse duration for about four minutes. Hundreds and hundreds of people right now photographs the eclipse from the island.

What do we do here at KBR? As always Beary got the idea. He took very old dark floppy disks and share part of the eclipse with the rest of us. Katsuko and Audrey are joining us.


“And how about the night dive in house reef last night?” we asked Katsuko and Audrey. Their eyes wide open and excitingly show us the images of blue rings they found in 8 meter in our very own house reef. (Images of blue rings credit to Audrey and Katsuko)


A Play Underwater

It’s always great to see all these amazing critters underwater, but I think it makes a lot more interesting when you see the play they perform and trying to read the story in between…. as long as you stay really still and allow them to get the show to go on ….

Mr wonderpus here seemed to be annoyed by something. He was moving around uncontrolled. Spread his arms wide, pulled them back closer to him, spread his arms again staring sharp at Mrs Coconut.

Wonderpus Wonderpus2 Wonderpus3   

He seemed to be chasing Mrs. Coconut here who did not seemed to show any interest of anything about him.


Trying to catch up behind them was the wonderpus …. quietly … slowly … from a distance ….


Do you know that octopuses have three hearts? Two branchial hearts pump blood through each of the two gills, while the third is a systemic heart that pumps blood through the body.

I wonder if what they said was true, that the octopus is perceived as loners, who didn’t engage in courtship rituals but just coupled and got it over with.

It was told that Males prefer large females … if only that happens all the time in human life, we are all will have happy life. The large females were preferred because they produced more eggs. The male will give her his sperm without leaving his den, and she didn’t leave hers. Nobody has to give up their space.

The octopuses start mating three or four months before the female laid eggs. Three weeks later, when they hatched, the thousands of offspring swam away and the mothers died within a week, after just a year or so of life while the males can live for only a few months after mating. The female will fall apart and loses color of her skin and die. What a short life after all the good time.


Once the long dry season ended last year, the rainy season slowly returned to the coconut island of North Sulawesi. What a relief it was!!!!

We were warned about the impact of El Nino here in Indonesia. We could expect a  long dry season. We anticipated a lack of water resource for our resort. But, hey, we have been blessed. We have been supplied well from the water spring in the mountain of Aer prang.  Anyway, …. the rainy season the end of last year brought our land a large supply of fresh fruits. Guests have been very happy with the extra fresh fruit we served daily from rambutan, Mangoestan to manggo. Rambutan called the most Exotic fruits is the hairy fruit from the Sapindacea family. It is rich in iron which is essential for the human body to function to transport oxygen from the lungs to the different tissues. The best news about eating rambutan, it is highly effective in lessening the body fat because the fruit is high in fiber content (2 g per 100 g of fruit) and, at the same time , low in calories. What a good news for those of us trying so hard to lose weight. Another seasonal fruit we have is Mangustan . It has a sweet, tangy, citrusy peach flavor and texture. It has great nutritional value.  You must know by now, we like to feed our guests healthy food. The better news is, all the fruit is organic.

 SAM_2928 Jetty-(65)


Today on the afternoon dive at Aerbajo, at 12 meter, as we got closer, we saw a big wide open eye watching our every move. The 6 centimeter Amphioctopus marginatus sat calmly inside a bottle. She did not move, but her eyes clearly said … “I am watching you” …..

Coconut Octopus

plus these two just hang in there ….

Beautiful DecoratorcrabAmbon Scorpionfish

Guides come to Rescue!!!

It’s Rescue Training time here at KBR. Everyone got very serious.  Rescue Training is one of our regular training classes every few months.

Rescue-Course-Febr-2016-(383) Rescue-Course-Febr-2016-(388) Rescue-Course-Febr-2016-(93)   Rescue-Course-Febr-2016-(99) Rescue-Course-Febr-2016-(170)Rescue-Course-Febr-2016-(83)

Got a little fun to pose for pictures ….


Not everyone is alone ……


This year in Lembeh strait, February really does say something about love. At least to critters ….  Once we collected the images we shoot in February, we noticed there are more couple critters in a lot of our images. They are not necessary all lovers, but at least not many are alone in this Valentine month.

Take a look at Mrs Nudi for instance. She seems to be trying to meet her mate from the top of the rock, …. talk about Juliette calling out to Romeo …

Posted Febr 26 Nudibranch (1)

Or the hairy squad lobster who hesitated to leave his friend behind. He must have known about U.S. Soldier’s Creed  ….

Posted Febr 26 hairy squad lobster

Or the Coleman shrimp who was trying to catch up with his partner,  …

Posted Febr 26 Coleman Shrimp

Sometimes it’s nice to give someone a ride home …

Posted Febr 26 Emperor shrimp on Nudibranch (3)

or the sting ray play hide and seek …

Posted Febr 26 (3) blue spot sting ray on pilot fish

even the cleaner shrimp climbing over a snake eel ….  It’s good to know not many are alone in Valentine month …..

Posted Febr 26 Snake eel with cleaner shrimp