In 28°C water

Just perfect to us divers!  We have a very nice group of divers from Argentina who were having fun teaching our staff Spanish.


Dives have not been boring ….

Little golden goby just peak on the window watching Mr Devil ….


Juvenile Barramundi Cod cheerfully running every where.


And Mr Hairy was stick to where we saw him last time.


Never get bored of the critters …


Back from our dives, the girls are always welcome us with a smile to serve hot chocolate, tea, and coffee, not to forget Saraba. Saraba is the typical ginger drink originally from Makasar. Indonesians believe this drink to increase stamina and get rid of cold. The drink becomes favorite drink here among our divers and we have several asked us for the recipe. Marco and Lifang were so interested that they made a video of our chef making Saraba in the kitchen.

Saraba-Febr-2016-PS(1) FACEBOOKSaraba-Febr-2016PS-(7) FACEBOOK

Easy dive of the week. We were very busy the last few weeks, we have not had the chance to get more pictures ….


Out of our busy week doing maintenance work and preparing our rooms for new arrivals, we took one day to do our preservation duties collecting trash from one of our dive site all the way to the beach. Teluk Kambahu or Kambahu Bay is one of the most famous site for muck diving and the one with more various octopus species we can find. The sad side is, it is one of the site piled with garbage. We have been working with the government to get their attention on this garbage issue and hope that they move quicker to solve the issue. Meanwhile, we took one day this week, pick up our trash bags and do our part.

Preservation-Apr-24-(42)Preservation-Apr-24-(24) _DSC0576_DSC0635 Preservation-Apr-24-(35)Preservation-Apr-24-(37)

But look, who got trapped inside the trash! We carefully carried him back to the water.


And how about our dives last week?

Pontohi-Pygmy-Seahorse was just too shy to look at the camera.


Differs from Mr & Mrs Nudi who prefer to perform ….


Along with Mr bluering who was a little agitated passing by us …

I heard you cried “blue ring? again? really?”

I say “yes”, it’s their season to show up here in Lembeh straith all the way to the month of August (if you are lucky) …

Blueringed-Octopus May 2 - Blueringed-Octopus2 (1)

But guess who are expecting ….. The Mantis with the most elaborate visual systems was watching closely holding her clutch of eggs in her clubbed claws. While the Cardinal fish with full mouth of eggs trying to keep them all together….

Manthis-Shrimp-with-eggMay 2 - Cardinalfish-with-egg

When it’s full moon

Captured the full moon a few nights ago appeared on top of Lembeh Island like a golden solid ring so beautiful reflecting its light to the water. To the local fishermen, it was a long tuff night to fish.


What was full moon to divers? It was one of the best night dive ….

The time when the Rinophias showed up….. We have not seen him for a while.


It’s the time to capture the beautiful Bargibanti-Pygmy-Seahorse willingly pose for you ….


And the Spider-Squat lobster spreading its long legs moving from one site to another


Back from Teluk Kambahu today which we saw more octopuses than any other site.

Wonderpus is first one we encountered. I think like most octopus they are not very approachable. You will need to take as gentle as steps possible toward them. If you are lucky he may pose nice for you.


The mototi Octopus which translated to “with little eyes” is a beauty.  But don’t mistake its beauty, the little eyes is a poisonous octopus.  Approach them carefully, do not provoke them, and don’t get too close.


Ribbon-Eel (Rhinomuraena quaesita). Do you know they live longer in nature then in captivity?  Many of them captured in aquarium will stop eating and die.  Allowing them to live in nature will keep them live a little longer.  











Underwater hosts …..

You will never complain about weather in Lembeh straith on April. Though we had quite big raining for a few hours the last few night, but bright sun comes in the morning. It is really nice to see all our divers are happy with our guides. The boys have been doing amazing job making sure everyone sees what in their wish list. Shiro, our 11 years repeater guests was very happy the other day that he finally saw zebra bat fish. The striking vertical zebra-banding pattern appear only in Juveniles.


I was told that Crinoid snapping shrimp (Synalpheus stimpsoni) is listed among endangered animals in Singapore.  Here in Lembeh they are easily found.


Cuttlefish & Pigmy-Squid are just too cute to miss. They can be very entertaining underwater.


Philodelsmium & Pikachu-Nudibranch just two beautiful combination in our dives last week.


Severn-Pigmy seahorse, one beauty you will never want to miss.


Till the next blog.

One easy dive in April …..

Everyone has been working very hard the last one week finishing the pathway project. New path is ready for new arrival on Saturday.

On to diving, a giant beautiful corral octopus sit comfortably on this giant coral reef rock in our house reef today which drive all our divers crazy to decide weather we jump into the house reef or get on the boat to Aerbajo.

Candy crab, in Latin called Hoplophrys Oatesii. The colorful crab lives on this bright pink soft coral camouflages itself like many other critters do.


Cardinal fish are everywhere here in Lembeh. But this special one is swimming carefully carrying eggs in the mouth.


Emperor Shrimp (Periclimenes imperator) & the Harlequin-Swimming-Crab peeking under the blanket of corral ….


Nearby is the xenia shrimp camouflaged unrecognized.


And here are two images taken by Jun, our guide. He is learning photography this week.





Simple yet complicated ….

Simple and easily found underwater of Lembeh straith sometimes can be a little complicated. Recently, Raynaldi, our guide shared an image of yawning frogfish taken by our recent guest. A former guest happened to make the accusation that our guide intentionally poked the poor frogfish to get him to yawn which was not true. There are just too many images of yawning frog fish from all photographers around the world. It made me wonder if he said the same thing to all those images, too.

Being the first dive resort in Lembeh Straith, “No touch policy” has been in place from the beginning of our operation . We have hired dive managers in the past who were responsible to train and made sure our guide understood well about approaching critters gently. In the past some of the guides might not so careful, good news is they know better now.

Move on. Here is simple images we enjoy this week …. with a note that no harassment being done to these amazing critters.

Blue-Dragon-Nudibranch, they are every where here in Lembeh.

Blue-Dragon-Nudibranch Blue-Dragon-Nudibranch (2)

Bargibanty-Pygmy seahorse, I won’t say they are every where, but they are around to amaze us all of their specialty to camouflage. They are not easy to spot, especially being only 14-15 millimeters or smaller well camuflaged around the sea fan they inhabit.


A decorator crab.   Some of decorator crabs can be overly decorated themselves that they look funny and can go around you unnoticed.  But this one seemed to choose to be simple and easily noticed.

Beautifull Decoratorcrab2

Shrimp Dynasty

Shrimps are easily found here in Lembeh which we have shared with you some of them in previous posts. To many people, they are just too common. But maybe some of  you will find them interesting.

Such as this white xenia shrimp and Ambon Crinoid Shrimp (Leomenes Ambonensis)

Shrimp Xenia-Crab-And-ShrimpShrimp Carinatte-Shrimp (1)

or the Skeleton-Shrimp

Shrimp Skeleton-Shrimp2Shrimp Skeleton-Shrimp

Crinoid Shrimp and Spiny-Tiger-Shrimp

Shrimp Carinatte-Shrimp (3)Shrimp Spiny-Tiger-Shrimp (4)

Snaping-Shrimp-With-Egg and Sansibar-WipeCoral-Shrimp with the Cleaner Shrimp

Shrimp Snaping-Shrimp-With-EggShrimp - Sansibar-WipeCoral-Shrimp2 Shrimp Cleaner Shrimp

And never miss the famous Harlequin-Shrimp. Almost every divers have this beauty in the wish list.

Shrimp - Harlequin-Shrimp

It’s been a busy couple weeks. And what better way to end than to a party by the pool with our staff performed in our very own culture show.

Preparation has been very easy, everyone doing  a great job getting all the tables out and set.


The plate dance and War dance were great ….


Food was good. Everyone seemed to have a great time.

March-27-(9)March-27-(76)March-27-(18) March-27-(87)