In a small village of Pintu Kota (means City Gate) in Lembeh island, there is this green project of planting Mangrove by the local villagers. Mangrove itself is not only vital for healthy coastal ecosystems but also shelters of many juvenile fish.


While our neighbor going green planting mangrove, underwater can also share green story.


not far from them, someone made out okay ….

Final-Edit-House-Reef1-May-29 Final-Edit-House-Reef4-May-29Final-Edit-House-Reef3-May-29


Such adorable look!!!

Not so often we find the Juvenile Batavia Spadefish (Platax Batavianus), or maybe not such adorable as this one. This little one entertain us swimming from one spot to another. As if she was dancing around yet never let his eyes off us.


Now, this big guy over here dragging his jar about 10 feet when we tract him down. Who finally find the perfect ground to rest.

June-7-Octopus3 June-7-OctopusJune-7-Octopus4




A Mystery friend …

He was a little hard to photograph. Mr Harlequin just won’t have it today. We had to patiently waiting until he was in the mood for one or two pictures …


Or maybe because he just wanted to have the play time with this mystery friend ….


All Alone …

Some are alone in the deep sea ….


and not many can pull this off ….


Well, with the week ending so good, a party under the moon would be a choice to celebrate ….

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Dark Critters ….

Beary arrived the National Park of Tangkoko at about 4pm after an hour drive from the resort. The Reserve located on the northeast tip of Sulawesi’s northern peninsula protects about over 125 mammals, 225 birds and a little over 100 reptile and amphibians species. Most of those species are endemic to the island. Walked through the dark forest among tall old trees to show our guests these land critters of North Sulawesi. Maleo Birds, wild pigs, Sulawesi dwarf kuskus and this beautiful smallest monkey in the world The Tarsius.


Black Macaque are rather calm, and friendly.


Tarsier Spectrum, long fingers with beautiful big brown eyes is one special story, most people know them as the little tiny monkey in the world. The total body length of this little creature is approx. 10 cm with a body weight of a little over 100 gram, The Tarsier is one of the most unique primates on the planet and they are also known to have the largest eyes of any mammal in relation to their body size (each eye is actually heavier than it’s brain) with long tail.  The Tarsier has an unusually long anklebone which enables it to jump distances more than 40 times its own body length. The bones are known as the Tarsals which is where the Tarsier gets its name. The Tarsius come down from the tree only in the evening.


What do we talk about diving? Let the pictures tell the story ….



Bianca is a name of a liveaboard docks in the bay of a dive site which eventually become the name of the site.

Divers dive there primarily to see Mandarin fish.


We dive there to see a lot more. This afternoon we saw this dark beauty lazily laying on the coral with his left-over big crab in his fingers. He must be very full that he did not even make a move.


Here at KBR it is the time of the year for everyone at KBR to get new uniforms. That keeps Constantein, our taylor, very busy.


Constantein Minggu, everybody here knows him as “Embo Otang”. Embo means the youngest in the family, and Otang is his nick name. From the beginning, he  always amazed us with his talents and personality.


He sews, he sings, he plays kolintang (the traditional music), he made souveneers, and you can always rely on him to finish a project in time.


He was a math teacher in one of a junior high school in the village before we hired him in January 1993 as security. 9 months later the owner found out that he could sew so he got his first project to sew the owner’s dress. What the owner did not find out was, it was his first time sewing dress, he was specialty in male clothing. He impressed the owner, and the rest is history.“I was a little bit nervous that time”, as he replayed that memory lane. “But I guess I even surprised myself that it was successful. When there is a will, there is a way”. Embo Otang has been sewing uniforms, table cloths, curtains, and all our linens for 23 years now. “I enjoy the job even more”, he said.

He lost his wife last year, this year was his first year celebrating his Birthday without her. We made him a cake, and some of the staff went to his house to celebrate it with him.

The view to kill for ….

I have been dreaming having this image taken from our house reef. Pip and Tess from Hashtag travel made it happened this week.


There are more beautiful images you will see in a few weeks which we will love to share them all with you.

Now, how about diving?

Well, it’s always a special moment to witness the octomom expecting not only six babies, but many babies.


And how these folks are being too nice for pictures …


200 Dives to celebrate

Everything is worth celebrating. We celebrated Tsuyako 200 dives here at KBR.


Our house reef can be surprising sometimes.

Sargassum Fish: found at KBR house reef.

Depth: 1 meter.

This little guy peaked between the leafs with his beautiful big eyes staring moving very fast from one branch to another.


Do you know that Sargassum can expand its mouth and swallow prey larger than itself?

Final-Sagas Final-Devil-FishAis-----cuttle-fishFinal-Orang-Utan-Crab

We were quite for a couple days so we got all the concretes ready to plant more coral in our house reef. Staghorn (Acropora cervicornis) is very easy to grow here in our house reef. The corals we planted a few months back are growing healthy just how we expected it.

Coral-Planting2 Coral-planting3 Coral-Planting4 Coral-Planting5 Coral-Planting6 Coral-Planting7

Weather has been really nice, water temperature stays at 27 degrees Celsius.

Sansibar-wirecoral-ShrimpLong-arm-Octopus Halimeda-Ghostpipefish-2Halimeda-Ghostpipefish

It was an easy week with super nice and easy to please divers. They deserved a party!!!!

Let’s have it by the pool. Get the smoke started, and the music played.

_DSC0528 _DSC0525_DSC0524

The entire staff sang “La Bamba Song” to our guests from Argentina.

_DSC0534 _DSC0548_DSC0527_DSC0555

And what a great night to remember ….