In Perfect Weather This Week

In 27C water, with truly warm guests, working this week is heaven. Meet Terence, Doris and Katsuko who have been really nice to serve, and great people to take diving to.


June our guide gave the briefing, we were heading to Makawide # 2, a site named after the nearby village, the home of the pigmy seahorses and many other critters.  Beny was responsible to get all cameras to the boat.


Diving has been amazing. Weather is really hot, humid, but just perfect for us divers. I know you have been enjoying all those images posting in facebook by Terence and Doris. We are grateful for their kindness to share all those critter images with us.

Katsuko has been here so many times that we feel her like a family. Either Jenly joked with her to piggyback her around or Jeff teasing her for only wanting to see nudibranch in every dive, it’s always nice to have her back here at KBR.


The feeling is nice to serve our guests like family.


Interfered sounds in WWII

Sometimes during world war II, it was told that the Snapping shrimp was once studied as the sounds interfered with the detection of hostile submarines.

The snapping sound came from a high-speed jet of water shoots out of the socket due to extremely rapid compression as the ‘finger’ plunges into the socket. Snapping shrimp has pincer with a moveable ‘finger’ held at right angles to a matching ‘socket’ on the opposite side. When the ‘finger’ is released, it plunges rapidly into the socket which result an explosive sound. It’s amazing how such a small critter did really interfered with its sound.

But I don’t think this particular one would make so much noise. This one special Crinoid snapping shrimp is expecting. With tummy full of eggs moving heavily making a way out.


In the other side, one did not hesitate taking a fast and steady walk to a destination.


And to some, stay still and quite are just what needed.




Our kitchen has one special chef today.
Martina, one of our Italian guests took a change to train Beary and our staffs how to make some Italian Foods. So, Let’s check what’s in the list;

  • Aldente pasta
  • Spaghety Cabonara
  • Spaghety Bolagnaise
  • Italian Salad
  • Italian Mashed Potatoe
  • Italian cookies and cake

Yummyyyyyy…… Thanks to Martina…..



Merdeka in Malay Language means independent or free. In Tagalog the term was Maharlika. It was from the word of Maharddhika from the Sanskrit means rich, prosperous and powerful. In Malay, this term used in the meaning of a freed slave. Dutch used the similar term Mardijker refer to free the slaves from India in the East Indies.

Over 71 years ago, the word “Merdeka” is one word of encouragement, one word of unity, one word of brotherhood, one word of hope for the new nation, one word of faith for a freedom and Liberty, being cried out with great feeling of patriotism by our great heroes of this country as greetings. It was the most sacred word during the fight when they gave their life to fight for the Independence of this country. It was the word used by our First President Mr Soekarno on his speech after we declared our independence:

“Since today we will cry out loud, “Merdeka!” Continue on that loud battle cry, as the soul calls out loud for freedom! A soul of freedom, one of fighting and working spirit! TO FIGHT AND TO WORK! Prove it!”

So, to our great heroes for their sacrifices in the past and ones who are still fighting for the better Indonesia today, here at KBR we say “Merdeka”. Merdeka to a hope for a better nation of “Unity in Diversity”.

Aug-17 August-17-(3)


The Simple life at KBR

We have a little easier week to go through after all the fun we had. We did get Priscilla out to the pool after the party.


Back to the busy life in the kitchen. Flora was in charge on cleaning our fresh fish. While Holy smoked our bacon this week.

July-Food-&-Dinner-(1)Food Smooker (2)

Once a week we like to bring our very own homemade pizza to the table. Someone made a comment that it was not traditional, well, I think we are allowed not to be traditional sometime.

Food Piza (2)

Enjoy your weekend everyone.

Our house reef can be very interesting at times. We have this giant frogfish who stayed on the same rock all this long, never moved far from where we found him. But he changed colour. A month ago he was a very dark black, he started to turn into brown now.

Critters (95)August-9-(7)

This one giant cuttlefish we saw a few months back was swimming not far from the pier column. Only this time we noticed this poor beauty lost a couple of her arms. Being big sometimes is not so intimidating after all.

August 9 (3)August 9 (4)

Being small to some others means easy to hide anywhere, but still can watch you from a far.

Ais---4Aug-9-(3) August 9August 9 (1) August 9 (6)August 9 (2)

What a party!

Such a great week serving these wonderful divers. The same day we had the party was Samantha’s Birthday which we celebrated with a small cake with everyone sang the Birthday song.


After long busy week we sure deserve a party!!!! The girls were in their beautiful customs of piring dance. Piring means plate, it was a celebration dance after padi harvest in Minangkabau of West Sumatra. The swinging motion steps depicts sense of gratitude of the women of the harvest.


The war dance performed by a team of security, construction, housekeeping, and dive staff, led by our chief security, Mr Anwar.


We had a surprise visit from the Vice Mayor of Bitung town. He wanted to give a short speech to welcome our guests to town, and was humbly taking part on drawing a prize for the winner and presented the award.

BBQ-July-28-(112)BBQ-July-28-(114) BBQ-July-28-(66)BBQ-July-28-(100)

It was a really great time for us and our guests who become friends to come together and celebrate the week.

BBQ-July-28-(33)BBQ-July-28-(45) BBQ-July-28-(38)BBQ-July-28-(37) BBQ-July-29-(7)BBQ-July-28-(80)

And what better way to end it other than dance all the way to the end.

BBQ-July-29-(1)BBQ-July-29-(3) BBQ-July-28-(24)BBQ-July-28-(22)

Transexual Barramundi Cod

Known as Asian Seabass, the name Barramundi in Australia aboriginal language means “river fish scale.” A little hard to photograph them because they don’t stay still, they mostly run away and find a place to hide from divers. We encountered with this beautiful fish when she was resting in a beer bottle she makes a home. She looked curiously peaking with her big eyes staring at the lights wondering what was at the door. She was in and out moving so gracefully like she was dancing.


The Barramundi Cod grows to 70 cm in length or rarely reach up to 1.8 m (5.9 ft) long. Early at monsoon, men migrate downstream to meet the female which lay very large amount of egg up to several millions. Begin the life as female then at one stage in life many of them changing to male which categorized them as Protogynous hermaphrodite. This fish is listed as endanger in the Australia water due to over fishing.


Mi Na is cooking

Harvest time for our organic avocado this week from our very own yard at KBR. Karmin was very happy with the size and the taste.


For our divers, it’s time to be ready for the photo contest. Slide was up, everyone turn in all the images for the competition.

July-Food-&-Dinner-Final (7)

What was very special tonight is having our celebrity chef in the house, Mi Na is cooking Special Chinese Dinner for everyone. She even brought the whole spicy from home. She has her headset on to keep her focus from the hungry noise around wondering about dinner. When the fire was up, the smell of her cooking slowly spread the whole room so tempting to our empty stomach. Everyone just can’t wait for dinner. One by one stopped by trying to get her to let them taste just a little zip. …. Man …. she was a tough chef, she said “not until everything is ready”.

July-Food-&-Dinner-Final (2)July-Food-&-Dinner-Final (5) July-Food-&-Dinner-FinalJuly-Food-&-Dinner-Final (4)

In the other table the 4 judges calmly go through one picture to another.

July-Food-&-Dinner-Final (6)

And the winner was …. Mark.

July-Food-&-Dinner-Final (9)

What amazing was, he won first, second and third place. He is the Solo winner for all prizes. What a special night!!!!

July-Food-&-Dinner-Final (8)

Special Day to Celebrate

At KBR we have celebrated so many special occasions. The greatest thing is to see the expression of the happy faces surprised with small thing we made, even it just a small cake with the staff singing. We have gotten to know Alan and Lorraine who have been a family of KBR for so many years. This couple is very special, we witness their love all these years, how they treat each other so well and so respectful, made you believe the kind of love that is truly last. We got the honor this week to be a part of the day they celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. Beary, Jeff & Enal made a special board underwater to surprise them and wish them a happy wedding anniversary.


Ais arranged a special cake for them to celebrate after dinner with the girls singing special song. You know what was said, love would have a better reputation if there were more couples like them and KBR becomes a special place having them as part of our family. Happy Silver anniversary Alan and Lorraine!!!! It’s really nice to be part of your special day.


Now, what is special about diving this week? Well, more people requesting to see hairy frog fish.


Stenly shoot the image of theBumblebee Shrimp. They are commonly called the Stripped Harlequin Shrimp and grow less than an inch. Sadly they are caught for aquarium collection. Here they make Lembeh Straith the land of the free.


And this Leaf ScorpionFish resembles a dead leaf lying on the ground. One of the smart fish that got away from predator by camouflage this way or doing this trick to catch their prey by mimicking dead leaf. We like to repost the brown one we posted a few days back.