What a great week!!!

Nina made it safe to KBR. Due to weather, her plane had to make a turn to Philipine, and came back to Manado when the weather clear out. One of the nicest lady who happened to meet our sweet couple John and Pat who after they talked they found out that they live just a few miles away from her home in England.


Weather has been really friendly with us. No raining. Everyone is happy with the dives. We do not always get to see everything on the list, but we are okay to get to see most in the list. It’s really nice to see Martin and Kate, they are just really nice to us here at KBR.


Beary and Ais are doing wonderful job to be sure we take good care of our divers.


The guides are just amazingly excited going on every dive. Everyone just working hard and you can still see them smiling at the end of the day.  We couldn’t have asked for a better team.

oct-25-1oct-25-7 oct-25-4oct-25-8

Home of Octopus

Heading to Aerprang 2, one of the best dive site where octopus species make their home in this large, spread-out gradual sand slope. Dave was very kind to let Enal taking the shoots from his camera.

First found was the Coconut Octopus taking resident in a coffee cup, exactly his colours.


Long arm octopus and the Mototi Octopus surprisingly friendly.

long-arm-octopus2long-arm-octopus mototi-octopus

But the Frecklet Frogfish was a star with his bright blue eyes staring wondering about us.


Eggshell shrimp hardly recognized. Golden Mantis Shrimp and the green shrimp watching us from a distance.

eggshel-shrimp little-green-shrimpgolden-manthis-shrimp

We were amazed of how this nudi got this beautiful spoted not far from the sea slug.


Not a bad dive after all.






Jacques Cousteau said  “ The best way to observe a fish, is to become a fish.”, here at KBR , we like our guests to explore Lembeh strait during their holiday with us  and recently we  did dive with some repeater guests  at Critters hunt , there is one of dive spot  but  not many divers visit there and we found some the rare things like Batangas Nudi branch  , hairy squat lobster and some of sexy shrimps dancing on the coral. Check this out.

jan-13-6 jan-13-10 jan-13-4

The Day of Boat Festival

As promised we are posting today the pictures of the Boat Festivals. The boys worked hand in hand with the construction staff and our tailors to make it possible. We have some great talents over there at the dive center. They did a great job, and we are very proud of what they have accomplished.


Tio carved the blue ring. Constant and Geiby dyed an old used sheet yellow, and the the boys painted the blue rings.

boat-festival-oct-6-7boat-festival-oct-6-26 boat-festival-oct-6-8boat-festival-oct-6-20

Stenly carved a very cute little frog fish, with Beny carved the seahorse before moved to paint pipe fish.


Jun and Ade had the sea urchins decorated with little fish. They got very creative.


Everyone has a great time decorating, and was very happy to see the result. It’s great to see the fruit of a great team work. It was a great show. More pictures were posted in facebook.

boat-festival-oct-6-14boat-festival-oct-6-28 boat-festival-oct-6-38boat-festival-oct-6-37 boat-festival-oct-6-36

If you have already made the plan to come visit North Sulawesi in October, know that on the eastern side of this island is the little town of Bitung. It is the small town sheltered by Lembeh Island, where in between is Lembeh Straith, the home of the rare critters.

From October 6th to10th, our little town is having the Lembeh Straith Festival “Pesona”, where we have boat festivals, culinary show, traditional music and dancing, and a lot more culture shows for our visitors.

Kungkungan Bay Resort was invited by the government to participate. We will be participating in boat festivals, and culinary show.

Ais and Ade are working on the decoration for our boat.


We got two giant seahorses finished this week, and we are working on the sea urchins and blue ring.

sept-30-decoration-festival2 sept-30-decoration-festival3

We will post pictures next week of the boat decoration. Everyone is excited to join the boat festivals.



“Let’s play Tong Ting Tang”

You who have been at Kungkungan Bay Resort and was there when we had our Culture show must have seen our boys performed the Kolintang Music. For you who have not been lucky to see our performance, Kolintang is Minahasa very own traditional music. Specially made from lighter wood which naturally forming parallel lines that creates sounds ranging from low to high pitch notes. The music was named from the sound Tong as low tone, Ting for high tone and Tang for middle tone. In the phrase from Minahasa Language “Maimo Kumolintang”, meaning “let’s play Tong Ting Tang” was the name came from. It was known that this music has the ability to produce a low tone as the lowest tone of grand piano.

Here at KBR, The Kolintang were played in Culture Show by our own staffs. Constant is our taylor playing the melody, Akri & Noldy from construction, Handry and Langi, from security department. Our guest sometimes take the joy to try playing this music.

sept-15-culture-show4jan-2-16-ps BBQ-July-29-(7)


Light in the dark

Known by other name, disco clam. The combination between the red colour manteled the whole body, and blue lights playing like tender blue lighting went on and off is just amazing come from a clam.  It was discovered that the mantle edge contains one layer filled with silica spheres and the other layer does not have the spheres and is opaque to light. The silica spheres are nearly optimal reflectors for the blue light that predominates where the clam is found. These two flaps of the mantle act together to cause the brilliant flashing light that is characteristic of this clam.


My guide this time was Jack. Soft spoken, a little silly underwater sometimes, but has amazing eyes to find all those little critters.

sept-18-critters3 sept-18-critters5sept-18-critters4 sept-18-critters1 sept-18-critters7  sept-18-critters9

About Time For A Party!!!

Yes, it is about time for a party! We have all these wonderful guests to celebrate all the great dives.


Everyone has done amazing job serving, and all excited to entertain our guests. Here at KBR, the more guests to serve, the harder the work is, the happier the staff. No kidding, the staff seemed to be more happier when we have more guests to serve, tired but happier.


Entertainment is great as always. We got a lot of compliments the next morning. Hard work paid off.

We hope every guest knows how much we appreciate them.

sept-15-culture-show6sept-15-culture-show3 sept-15-culture-show4sept-15-culture-show1


BRO, the Killer Critter

Looking for stories to share with you all about the critters, we decided to go on the third dive to Jahir, but then changed our mind at the last minute to just see what we can find in our house reef. I have heard about the blue ring in the house reef and saw pictures from our guests but never had any luck meeting this handsome critter before. Here at KBR private house reef, at 42 feet dept we encountered with him.


He moved from one spot to another and showing his moves.


The next time you dive with us, make a time to dive in our house reef.


There is this very old Indonesian song sang by the Koes plus, we consider them the Beatles of Indonesia.
The lyric goes like this:
Orang bilang tanah kita tanah surga
Tongkat Kayu dan Batu jadi tanaman
(People said that our land is the land of paradise. Where stick and stone grow food to harvest)

That’s one of the very old songs in Indonesia, describing how prosperous the land is. And it is true.
With its two seasons, and its vast and abundant fertile soils , you can plant many things here and it will grow so well.

At KBR, we planted spices and fruits on our backyard;
Papaya, Avocado, Mango, Jackfruit, pineapple, corn, cassava, rambutan,coconut etc..
Some of them are seasonal. But we always enjoy the harvest time …. !!

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