Closing 2016, welcome 2017

2016 was a little tough, but with lots of prayers we made it. We have faith that 2017 will be far better year for us at KBR. With excitement to welcome the new year, we celebrated with a party.

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And we got Ben to dance …

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The day when the sun hides

The weather was not as nice as yesterday, we got light rain shower early in the morning for a short hour. Ade got everyone in the list to dive tomorrow.


Benjamin met a new friend.


Dives have been really great. We hope tomorrow the weather improves, and we can do a party by the pool.

dec-29-divedec-29-dive3 dec-29-dive4

Christmas Eve Dinner

Perfect roast beef, Roast potatoes with sage & orange, Black forest with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce, complete with stuffing and ketupat, Indonesia traditional rice packed inside a diamond-shaped container of woven palm leaf pouch, are part of our menu for Christmas eve. Great compliments from everyone, served by all these beautiful people of KBR.

christmas-eve2  christmas-eve4 christmas-eve5 christmas-eve6christmas-eve3 christmas-eve7 christmas-eve8 christmas-eve1

Christmas in this land of smiling people is one reason to celebrate families. North Sulawesi is the only province of Indonesia where majority of the people are Christians, and the Christmas celebration is merrier than anywhere in Indonesia.

Here in this beautiful resort where many of us call second home, our family of KBR all in good spirit. And when we call family, we mean family. This big family of KBR contains a lot of small relatives who work hand in hand from one department to another to be sure we give all our best to serve our guests. And here are the relatives serving at KBR:


Pera, with cousins and aunty who are excited to meet the little one on the way


These are cousins


Mother and daughter, and father and son, make a great team.


Father, son and brother


How nice it is for Beary to have a chef brother.

So, there we are, a bunch of family. More of us are family by hearts.

Dive The TK

We had nice weather today.


With all the happy divers came back from TK.


Jerry brought with him this artificial critters he carried every dive. He tried to get the boys to trick us underwater.


It was a good dive today.



We wish you a Merry Christmas!!!

This is the time of the year when we start decorating our restaurant for Christmas.


Beary got the boys helped with the trees and the rest of the ornaments. And he can mostly do it from the air while taking call.


We wish everyone a Merry Christmas.


And to you, special people, who are away from your family serving your country in this special day, we join your family, friends and all of the wonderful people in this world to say a prayer for you today. Merry Christmas, and God bless you always.

Time to party!!!

There is nothing better than to get through the night full of culture shows.

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And good to know after long hectic hard working day, we still can get a laugh about our job.


Rusian Divers Special Request

Marcus and Sally did the last dive in our house reef. Just doing the shallow dives, but this favorite site of ours is only a few steps away from their room. The corals and marine life are improving in this site, the last time we dove we saw the relaxing young crocodile fish about 30 cm long sit right on our concrete where we planted our corals.


While they were underwater diving, above the water, Mariska was taking lunch order from this group of very nice divers. We got to serve their favorite fresh fish every day. Beary was explaining to them different kind of sauces they can order with the fish.


Diving has been great. You can’t complain the weather.


Happy Bday John!!!!

One of the sweetest couple who treats everyone of us here at KBR like family. Never hesitate to offer us very supportive and comforting talks when we needed here at KBR. Their action shows just how much they care about the people here. And we are grateful for them. Meet John and Pat.


It’s John Bday this week. We had the plan to celebrate and let him know how special they both are to KBR. Pat said John will be embarrassed to be the center of attention, but he will forgive us because he loves us. We proceed with our plan.


So, a Bday cake and big crowd of people sing Happy Bday to a special man who is family at heart to us at KBR and a big party to celebrate the special day.