Underwater at the end of summer

We had more rain in the summer with the water got as cold as 25C.

The cold water brought the critters up to the shallow. Even hairy octopus showed up.

To the rest of the critters, they all seemed to agree it was a good time for mating and having more babies.

To some, it’s just the time to ran away from the deep cold water.




Interesting Weeks ….

It’s been interesting few weeks. The mimic octopus entertained us in our second dive.

While the Flamboyan cuttle fish was on the way hunting for food.


And the Rhinopias stayed in the same spot for a few weeks in Trikora site.

This month was the time we are doing the Rescue Training. The boys have been very dedicated on doing this course every six month.

We are very proud of every one of them.




Summer Babies!!!!

Early June in Lembeh seemed to go into baby season. After three trips made to check on them, the last trip was the right moment to see the eggs started to hatch. How amazing!!!!  It was told that the newborns are immediately able to hunt, walk, squirt ink, go on their own being independent.

With anemone babies, the father who guarded them was very protective, he could hurt you just to keep you away from his babies.

While the Banggai Cardinal Fish would go as far as he could to keep his babies safe.

From The Sky Above

It is a great week that we took the boys for photo shoot.

Mark gave us the videos and images he took from the sky. We were so grateful.

It is their fourth time visit at KBR which happened to be Dave’s Bday. Holy, our cook, made a beautiful cake to surprised him.

And as always it was a great stay and amazing diving for them.


Who Serve today?

Let’s check out these wonderful people who serve our guests at KBR this morning.
Pera was serving fresh fruit. We have rambutan, manggo, pineapple, banana, papaya, and watermelon. Pera has recently been back from her 3 months maternity leave. She has a beautiful baby girl names “Kiyora”, which means purity. Chika was busy doing inventory on drinks, and bring new inventory in for the day.

Otace cooked breakfast this morning. Beary was the duty manager watching and checking the food before they were out to our guests.

Naked Stenly was getting ready to put on his wetsuit. Met Benny, who was always excited guiding the dives.

Raymond was inspecting our engines and compressors this morning. Frits was checking the luggages for our guests checking out today. He will be driving them to the airport.

While our cat Madonna was busy doing her round this morning.

It’s a great morning, good start for the day. Hope you have a great day today. To you, living in the other side of the world, have a wonderful evening.

Yes, sir Jack!

Less sunshine sometimes good for diving. The rain kept the water cold, so we got to see more critters coming up shallow. We saw blue rings came out from their hiding hunting for food.  Lembeh Sea Dragon still there hanging in there. We recently saw more mandarin fishes in our house reef. As much as we like the rain, sunshine brings joy in the morning.

Equal to the joy Kevin brought to the village children when he presented them a gift of real football. He saw them playing with fake ball by the beach, so he went to get them a real one.

We have many of our repeaters staying with us this month, one in particular, Sir Jack we call him now, enjoyed being spoiled.

and just loved diving with Benny.





This amazing week!!!!

We had enough rain already, let’s say hello to the sunshine.

Majority of our guests are not first time at KBR. For us here, it’s like to welcome home members of our family for a short stay. To celebrate them, we got everyone together for a party.

First little step to save Bianca

Many of you who follow us on facebook have seen our latest post about Bianca. Bianca is a dive site in Lembeh Strait where our divers go to see the mating of Mandarin fish (credit images to Constantinos Petrinos). This site has more Mandarin fish than any other site in Lembeh Strait. Dive deeper into 22 Metter you can see more such ghost pipe fish, painted frog fish, even blue ring, and many more nudibranch.

Mandarin High Quality Drum Scan

The end of December 2016, the government planned to build a jetty on that site. So, Ais sent a letter to express our concern. The second step we took was to post this issue on facebook. With all of your support reading and share our post, the post catch the attention of the Vice Mayor of Bitung.

Today, we had the opportunity to meet Mr Maurits Mantiri, our Vice Mayor, who has officially and personally notified us that the government has moved the location of the jetty to the village nearby. He has as well ordered the chief of Tandurusa, Mr Patrick, to get everyone to go to the beach and clean the garbage on land. Kungkungan Bay Resort and guides have participated to collect garbage underwater and load to the garbage boat prepared by the Government of Bitung.


We have invited Mr Maurits Mantiri also to visit one of the dive sites we have lost, Pulau Abadi. Pulau Abadi was a great site to see hairy octopus, Lembeh Sea Dragon, and many other rare critters. We have lost the site after a shipping company turned the site to a ship yard. Of the ship traffic, the site was just too dangerous to dive into for our divers. We have many more dive sites, but losing one is sad. Ian and Sarah were so nice join our trip to show support, and had given the Vice Mayor their input.


This won’t be the last step for Kungkungan Bay Resort to speak up about preserving dive site in this beautiful and very special Lembeh Strait. But, today, we have seen “hope”, that there are people like Mr Maurits Mantiri who listen and care enough to take the necessary steps to protect and preserve.




Here at KBR we do our rescue training a couple times a year to keep us all refreshed on this important part of our training program. The boys were near exhausted from the week of hard work, but they realized the important of this program and have made it all the way to the end. We did a lot more physical practices included in the training.

Jan-29-picture32Jan-29-picture20               Jan-29-picture16Jan-29-picture1 Blog Jan-29-picture12Jan-29-picture4 Jan-29-picture11Jan-29-picture14



With a little competition. Irfin won the first place.


We are very proud of them making it to the end of the course. And as always they slip humor and laughs in between breaks.

Jan-29-picture2 BlogJan-29-picture31 Jan-29-picture7Jan-29-picture8

And we did not forget to thank Windy for thoughtfully bring us some drinks.