Bianca is a name of a liveaboard docks in the bay of a dive site which eventually become the name of the site.

Divers dive there primarily to see Mandarin fish.


We dive there to see a lot more. This afternoon we saw this dark beauty lazily laying on the coral with his left-over big crab in his fingers. He must be very full that he did not even make a move.


Here at KBR it is the time of the year for everyone at KBR to get new uniforms. That keeps Constantein, our taylor, very busy.


Constantein Minggu, everybody here knows him as “Embo Otang”. Embo means the youngest in the family, and Otang is his nick name. From the beginning, he  always amazed us with his talents and personality.


He sews, he sings, he plays kolintang (the traditional music), he made souveneers, and you can always rely on him to finish a project in time.


He was a math teacher in one of a junior high school in the village before we hired him in January 1993 as security. 9 months later the owner found out that he could sew so he got his first project to sew the owner’s dress. What the owner did not find out was, it was his first time sewing dress, he was specialty in male clothing. He impressed the owner, and the rest is history.“I was a little bit nervous that time”, as he replayed that memory lane. “But I guess I even surprised myself that it was successful. When there is a will, there is a way”. Embo Otang has been sewing uniforms, table cloths, curtains, and all our linens for 23 years now. “I enjoy the job even more”, he said.

He lost his wife last year, this year was his first year celebrating his Birthday without her. We made him a cake, and some of the staff went to his house to celebrate it with him.

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