Special Day to Celebrate

At KBR we have celebrated so many special occasions. The greatest thing is to see the expression of the happy faces surprised with small thing we made, even it just a small cake with the staff singing. We have gotten to know Alan and Lorraine who have been a family of KBR for so many…

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All the smiling faces

So the boys have spent the week helping the construction repainting our rooms before the next group arrived. They have been so helpful and have done a great job. A little busy this week serving this super friendly divers from main land China. Priscilla and Joyce are friends to us here at KBR bring with…

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The little things in life

When we get too busy with all the big things, there are little things in life we miss out sometimes. Diving in Lembeh Straith teaches us to appreciate all those little things and get excited about them.  

Tick all in the list

We have a group of very nice divers with us this week. They have been enjoying seeing all those critters and did not miss anything on the list. With all the bad things happens in the world, all the bad reports from the news, how we wish we could hide just for a moment and…

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When staff got creative

Have you seen our staff being a little creative? One of the boy made good use of coconut leaf. On to diving, we have been blessed with great weather, and amazing dives. With some imagination, I will say this one special critter has a head of a clown. Check out his neck looking like the…

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Unexpected guest

Once in a while we have this unexpected guest at the dive center.This time, he was more making himself at home, sitting in the briefing bench. He was making all this moves to be sure we noticed him. While underwater, this bright Ambon scorpion fish migrating somewhere. Spread his wing arms wide to lift up…

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The Hunting day

Someone was on the way hunting when we met him. Walked calmly toward his prey with super fast move getting them into his mouth. He was not trying to run away from us, in fact he was walking toward us for another prey. While this one just out on the walk had the gut trying…

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The Summer Trip

Someone has said it does not matter where you are going in the summer, it matters who you are going with. Make sure you are on the trip with the people you love. Underwater, this seemed to be a family trip …. And does it really matter what you are doing in the summer? Maybe…

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Team comes to rescue

The Rescue training is done every six months, it’s about time to do it again so we did. Everyone remembered what to do, and they all did a great job. And what’s up with the diving? Here are some beauty in action at Bianca ….

The characters underwater

I think the most amazing about diving is the characters of every living critter underwater are no different than ones above water. Every one critter is very special, even the one who won’t be in everyone’s wish list. They are so unpredictable sometimes. Ms Nudi here took her afternoon walk when little crab met her…

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