Interesting Weeks ….

It’s been interesting few weeks. The mimic octopus entertained us in our second dive. While the Flamboyan cuttle fish was on the way hunting for food.     And the Rhinopias stayed in the same spot for a few weeks in Trikora site. This month was the time we are doing the Rescue Training. The boys…

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Summer Babies!!!!

Early June in Lembeh seemed to go into baby season. After three trips made to check on them, the last trip was the right moment to see the eggs started to hatch. How amazing!!!!  It was told that the newborns are immediately able to hunt, walk, squirt ink, go on their own being independent. With…

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From The Sky Above

It is a great week that we took the boys for photo shoot. Mark gave us the videos and images he took from the sky. We were so grateful. It is their fourth time visit at KBR which happened to be Dave’s Bday. Holy, our cook, made a beautiful cake to surprised him. And as…

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Who Serve today?

Let’s check out these wonderful people who serve our guests at KBR this morning. Pera was serving fresh fruit. We have rambutan, manggo, pineapple, banana, papaya, and watermelon. Pera has recently been back from her 3 months maternity leave. She has a beautiful baby girl names “Kiyora”, which means purity. Chika was busy doing inventory…

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Yes, sir Jack!

Less sunshine sometimes good for diving. The rain kept the water cold, so we got to see more critters coming up shallow. We saw blue rings came out from their hiding hunting for food.  Lembeh Sea Dragon still there hanging in there. We recently saw more mandarin fishes in our house reef. As much as…

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This amazing week!!!!

We had enough rain already, let’s say hello to the sunshine. Majority of our guests are not first time at KBR. For us here, it’s like to welcome home members of our family for a short stay. To celebrate them, we got everyone together for a party.

First little step to save Bianca

Many of you who follow us on facebook have seen our latest post about Bianca. Bianca is a dive site in Lembeh Strait where our divers go to see the mating of Mandarin fish (credit images to Constantinos Petrinos). This site has more Mandarin fish than any other site in Lembeh Strait. Dive deeper into…

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Here at KBR we do our rescue training a couple times a year to keep us all refreshed on this important part of our training program. The boys were near exhausted from the week of hard work, but they realized the important of this program and have made it all the way to the end….

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Closing 2016, welcome 2017

2016 was a little tough, but with lots of prayers we made it. We have faith that 2017 will be far better year for us at KBR. With excitement to welcome the new year, we celebrated with a party. And we got Ben to dance …