All the smiling faces

So the boys have spent the week helping the construction repainting our rooms before the next group arrived. They have been so helpful and have done a great job.


A little busy this week serving this super friendly divers from main land China. Priscilla and Joyce are friends to us here at KBR bring with them this wonderful people to dive with us. Some have short list to see, some want to see everything.

July-26-(10)July-26-(3) July-26-(17)July-26-(15)

We had rain in early morning but it clear up before noon. Water temperature is 28. Fian gave the briefing for one group going to Aerprang.


With smiling dive masters get excited every dive to show our guests all the most rare critters in the world, working long hours is just a number.

July-26-(18)July-26-(14) July-26-(1)July-26-(13)



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