A Play Underwater

It’s always great to see all these amazing critters underwater, but I think it makes a lot more interesting when you see the play they perform and trying to read the story in between…. as long as you stay really still and allow them to get the show to go on ….

Mr wonderpus here seemed to be annoyed by something. He was moving around uncontrolled. Spread his arms wide, pulled them back closer to him, spread his arms again staring sharp at Mrs Coconut.

Wonderpus Wonderpus2 Wonderpus3   

He seemed to be chasing Mrs. Coconut here who did not seemed to show any interest of anything about him.


Trying to catch up behind them was the wonderpus …. quietly … slowly … from a distance ….


Do you know that octopuses have three hearts? Two branchial hearts pump blood through each of the two gills, while the third is a systemic heart that pumps blood through the body.

I wonder if what they said was true, that the octopus is perceived as loners, who didn’t engage in courtship rituals but just coupled and got it over with.

It was told that Males prefer large females … if only that happens all the time in human life, we are all will have happy life. The large females were preferred because they produced more eggs. The male will give her his sperm without leaving his den, and she didn’t leave hers. Nobody has to give up their space.

The octopuses start mating three or four months before the female laid eggs. Three weeks later, when they hatched, the thousands of offspring swam away and the mothers died within a week, after just a year or so of life while the males can live for only a few months after mating. The female will fall apart and loses color of her skin and die. What a short life after all the good time.


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