20 days stay

Henning has been staying with us for 20 days. To us, it doesn’t feel that long.  He has joined us in the corral planting.

Here at KBR, guests who are willing to participate in our coral planting project, pay a small amount of money for the cost of building a block. They plant coral which they can personalize with names or anything they want to be written on the block. We have placed over 20 blocks around our dive sites, personalized by each guests. Henning has requested a heart shape which we taylor made for him. It has his and his wife’s name on it. He was very happy with the block and had one place in one of our site. He plans to come back on their wedding anniversary next year and show his wife the block.

Febr-15-Henning (2)

Here we posted one of his image here when the octopus approach him during shooting and sit comfortably on his lens.

IMG_8637 Kopie

He wrote to us last week:

“During my trip to explore the best critter places in the world I had the pleasure to stay in KBR for 20 days.  My only problem when describing my time spent with KBR is that I have to use the word “excellent” too often. Almost everything I found and experienced with KBR earned the attribute “excellent”. Diving in Lembeh with KBR and enjoying the resort is a clear recommendation – I will definitely come back!”


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